Send Free Email – Fax, Web – Fax And Fax – Email Anytime Through Faxmyway


FaxMyWay is the latest addition to the free fax services (online). This application allows its users to send eFaxes for free. The users get a dedicated and private fax numbers even without having to install a fax machine. The advantage of having a completely online account is that it allows its users to search, access or store sent messages. You will receive a sms alert on every new fax.

Most of the other fax services allow users to exchange faxes between Canada and USA, but FaxMyWay also allows you to send faxes across India. It also helps this product reach customers globally. The service guarantees 100% delivery of faxes and helps you manage details of your faxes via the Outlook Express.

Users are assigned telephone numbers which are utilized to receive new faxes online. The service is extremely efficient as it helps us reduce the usage of machines, paper and maintenance. The best of this service is that it is secure, hassle free and you can access it from any corner of the world. All you need to access this service is an internet connection.


The feature that stands out is that one can send fax – email, web – fax and email – fax, all through a single platform. Some of the other features of this application are receiving multiple faxes at the same time. It also enables you to receive reports on delivery of faxes.

The telephone number allotted to the users is never busy and faxes flow in and out throughout the day. Failed transmissions are re-sent up to a maximum of four times.

The Email – Fax service enables users to send faxes from their email accounts to valid fax numbers around the world. With this service you can also attach files or notes to your fax messages. It supports about two hundred attachment formats, and lots more.

The Fax – Email service enables users to receive faxes on their email accounts and it can be accessed from anywhere in this world. It allows you to receive faxes in your personal accounts, store and retrieve faxes for future use, delete faxes which are not required and lots of other features.

The Web – Fax can be treated or considered for sending faxes online. The only thing required for this is a computer system with internet connection. It allows users to send faxes conveniently, resend capabilities are also enabled with this service.


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