Send Free SMS Or Group Text With Textplus

Users of the iPhone or iPod touch have numerous ways to send text messages or free sms across the globe. The utilities help them avoid paying the mobile service providers and thus makes texting absolutely free for a limited or an unlimited period or quantity.

For users of the iPhone or iPod touch the above methodology might be extremely troublesome or they might want to escape from paying to the service providers. To the rescue of these users, a free application known as textPlus has been launched by GOGII. This free application developed and provided by GOGII allows the iPod touch and iPhone users to receive and send free sms (text messages). 

The innovative and interactive technology of GOGII has been leveraged by textPlus. It allows users to get indulged in group conservations with other users already having textPlus installed in their iPhone or iPod touch. Thus, it helps users to be connected with their group at all times.

With textPlus, iPod Touch and iPhone users send unlimited and free text messages over Wi-Fi or a wireless network absolutely free. They don’t even need EDGE, 3G or GPRS technology. Some of the other features provided by textPlus are that users can write messages even in the landscape mode and also allows group chatting over text messages.


The group chatting gets an extended feature similar to that of a chat room. Like a chat room, here too replies can be viewed by all users logged in the chat room at that particular moment. textPlus can also send SMS notifications that are optional. These messages or notifications are optional and will charge the user standard sms rates.

The best part of having textPlus installed in your iPhone or iPod Touch is that you can also chat with your friend who doesn’t have an iPod Touch or an iPhone. The user can use the normal phone and send sms to you but will be charged with normal SMS rates.

For further information on textPlus please visit the following link

You can download this useful application from the Apple Application Store or can even send a text message to 60611.   


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