Send Large Files in Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2007 Add-on

The maximum size allowed by most of the free e-mail service providers is 10 MB, so cannot send large files above the limited size of 10MB using email services. Now, with an Outlook add-on in you don’t have face such problems at all. You can send large files having size up to 5GB with the help of Outlook 2007 without any limitations.

When you install this add-on, an additional tab will be displayed in the Outlook, This additional tab contains few buttons for selection such as “Insert Link from”, “Upload File and Insert Link”, “Sign In”, “Preferences” and “Insert My Meeting Room URL”.

Before proceeding with file uploads, you should create an account on and then sign to your account. After that, you will be allowed to upload files to web server of It will contain the URL of the file which you have to compose in your message, thus recipients can directly download the files using the given URL.

There are two options with which you can configure the uploaded file as “Open Access” and “Restricted Access”. When you select “Open Access”, the recipient can download that file without having to log in their The “Restricted Access” needs the recipients to login to their account to download file.

Outlook add-on of can only be used with Outlook 2007. It is not compatible for usage with Outlook 2003 or older versions of Microsoft Outlook. You can download Outlook add-on using the following link Here.


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