Send / Share Large Files Upto 500 Mb

We’ve already covered in a post how large attachments can be shared over internet.  The service we reviewed then was SendSpace and with it’s free version users could send upto 300Mb of attachment for free.

Driveway is a free online application that allows users to upload and share files of huge size which cannot be normally transferred by ordinary mail servers. With Driveway users can send files that sum upto 500 Mb at one go ! To access this application, all you need is a system connected with internet and a browser. By users, this application is termed as a consolidated place where you can search and access all your shares. With this application, you can easily upload and manage widgets for folders and files. Further you can conduct a search for these files within your account as well.

One limitation of Driveway is that the files automatically get deleted 90 days hence of its last usage. This keeps your inbox clear from unwanted files. However, in case the link has been sent to you from another Driveway account holder, it will not get deleted, until the account holder himself deletes the file. There are no restrictions in terms of the size and format of the incoming file. However, the largest size of the file is 500 MB. Any file exceeding this size gets restricted. The normal storage space for this application is 2 GB.

There are absolutely no restrictions in the files uploaded on Driveway. However, this application does follow a stringent set of rules against those files that infringe copyrights, terms of service or carry obscene or violation propagating content. One of the most key advantages of optimizing this application is its features. This application is equipped with DriveWay-PlugIn, DriveWay Web Widget and DriveWay Desktop Widget. These features are specially designed to make this application more compatible and productive.

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