Backup The Startup Type Settings Of Windows Services Using Batch Script On Windows Server 2003, 2008, Vista And XP

Windows operating system comprises of hundreds of services which are set up and run on it. A setting in the Startup type of these services determines whether or not Windows operating system will load and initiate these services when the system starts up.

Before making any changes to these Startup Type settings, it is advisable that you take a backup to save the present Startup Type (start state) of Windows services, so that they can be easily restored to their original value of startup type incase anything in the system goes wrong.

To backup services start state, you need to use a services backup script which is basically a command shell batch script. This script automatically exports and saves Startup Type settings of all Windows services into a new batch script file.

The newly created batch script file contains all necessary commands needed to change services Startup Type settings to the original value (startup type value at the time of creating backup script file). This backup script when run or executed will automatically restore Startup Type settings of all services to original startup type value (as of when backup script file was created).

Follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. You need to Download and extract Services_Start_State_Backup.bat from it.
  2. Run “Services_Start_State_Backup.bat” batch script in order to generate a new backup script for services start state. The backup scrip which is generated will be named in the format “Services_Day_DD_MM_YYYY_HH_MM.bat”. This naming convention is followed to prevent accidental overwrites in case the user takes multiple backups.
  3. Anytime you wish to restore the original start state of services, just run the .bat backup script that you have generated. When restoring, you need to run the batch script with elevated administrator rights.

You can use this script with most of the Windows operating systems including Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista and Server 2008.


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