Set Of Few Illustrated Steps To Support Up-Gradation Of Windows-XP To Windows7

Up gradation from Windows-XP to Windows7 is reasonably easy. An individual is required to posses the necessities on his computer to cope with Windows7 processor requirements.

Once it’s ascertained that processor requirements are likeable with Windows7, and then it’s just a question of how to install or upgrade Windows7?

As a matter of fact, there are several methods to execute this chore and get Windows7 installed on windows XP operating system.

Out of several ways to upgrade Windows-XP to Windows7, the chosen few are as follows:

  • Since, it cannot to be over written or get upgraded directly; an individual has to get it installed manually. i.e., uninstall windows-XP from hard drive and establish the clean transcript of Windows7 on hard drive.
  •  Leave Windows-XP in the drive untouched and install Windows7 on alternate drive and select Windows7 as primary operating system every time PC is restarted.
  • Get Windows7 installed on an alternate device such as pen drive, sustain its connection to PC at all times and utilize Windows7 with Window’s-XP as a dual operating system.

However, this trend can be followed until Microsoft confirms any official procedure. Until then, it is required to cope up and follow with the above illustrated steps to upgrade to Windows7.


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