Setting To Hide, Suppress Or Remove #DIV/0! Error In Microsoft Office Excel

In the Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet program or Microsoft Excel, when you divide any value by zero (0) or else a blank cell inside the procedure, the cell will shows the answer which displays an error value #DIV/0!, as the answer of the computation.

The error value possibly will present weird feelings to readers particularly whilst the manual or worksheet is still in groundwork. It is also very awkward when you get the “#DIV/0!” mistake value when some formula is applied to several cells by copying and dragging.

This error value is takes place as it is incapable of dividing any value by 0. On the other hand, it’s likely to get rid of or take out the #DIV/0! Error value in the cell intended for unconfirmed or unacceptable dissection method with using IF worksheet utility.

To restrain or suppress #DIV/0 error value or for preventing the error from showing whenever it takes place. Apply the next formula on behalf of the normal division formula:


The term “Numerator” stands for the number which is to be divided, and the “Denominator” stands for the divisor.

Such as, for rule of “A1/A2? (cell A1 divided by cell A2), the rule to go through into the answer cell is like given below:


The rule ensures to make out if the denominator is equal to zero (or is blank). Therefore, an empty unit is exhibited. If not, the unit that encloses the utility will exhibit the result of the rule term after the calculations.


In order to view other data in the unit if the divisor is empty or zero, enter the essential data in the rule everywhere, which is inside the quotation marks (“”). If you would like to show text, enter it in between these quotes. If you would like to show something else (values), you could enter the values in place of the quotes.

There is another IF worksheet formula which can be operated by using the “ISERROR” situation.

Following is the syntax designed for the formula bit is:


Such as,


Over here again, to exhibit extra information lying on the units, if the computation answer is wrong, then alter the value of the core limit (text string needs quotes).

After entering the mistake treatment method as per the instructions given above, you can drag in order to apply the rule to affect to other cells, and the created rule will automatically be applied to them as well.


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