As most of you know that all email services have a upper limit on the size of the files you can send as attachments. If your attachment is a RAR file, now you have an option to easily send files across internet. You can make use of Rarhost.

Rarhost is a free file hosting storage web service that allows users to store unlimited files with .rar format (created using Winrar – a power archiving tool). This service enables you to upload and then share .rar files and archives online to friends and colleagues. One user-friendly feature of this web service is that it allows you to view the content of the archive file before downloading it. This way you can only download the files you need to send across.This also ensures you download only files that you want and there is no scope for any virus intrusion into your system without your knowledge.

The advantages of this service are that it allows users to store unlimited number of files with .rar format. You can further host and upload as many files as required. You can also download the statistics detailing on the number of files you’ve shared. With Rarhost, you can manage all your online shared files and keep an account of the files you’ve edited, deleted and shared, from one desktop. You can easily store a file with the maximum size of 200 mb per .rar file.

It is to note that the files saved in Rarhost remain active for 30 days after which they are automatically deleted. For registered users, the files can remain active for a period of two months. There is absolutely no registration amount to access this web service. When you compress the file, Rarhost asks you to enter the password. This will help other users to download the file and decompress the file using the set password. Users can simply upload and save the files in Rarhost and just provide others with the link of the files you want to send so that they can easily upload them for viewing.

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