Image sharing online is one of the best ways of keeping in touch with friends and family. Most of the websites that provide you the option of image sharing require a login process. You have to first register yourself and then can upload any images to share. Whenever you want quick sharing of your images, the long registration process can make you change your mind. However with the availability of online utility tool known as Imgur you can share images in real time. This utility tool provides small URL links to upload images.

Imgur (pronounced as imag-er) makes sharing of images more easy as you can upload the images anonymously and get the url link to upload on other website like reddit, digg, fark, and delicious. You can upload a picture up to 10 MB size from your PC or web pages along with its URL. You can also edit those pictures prior to uploading it with some common editing tools.

Imgur gives links to the image automatically when you upload it. Every image will get its own unique deletion link after it is uploaded and if you are serious about deleting the image after its usage, then make sure you save this deletion link as it is provided only once.

Imgur supports various formats like PEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, and XFC (GIMP). Some formats will be converted to PNG on upload. You can upload unlimited numbers of images. Images are not deleted as long as they get at least one view in 3 months. Some images which have more than 4000 views in a day are tagged as popular and featured in the gallery. However the privacy of users is assured by stating that no private messages will be posted in the gallery.

Visit Imgur and explore it further.


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