If you are an active XMarks user, by now you know that they are closing down for the public. The reason for their closure is that most successful browsers (read Chrome and Firefox, and soon I’m sure Internet Explorer will join in too!) give you the syncing feature which otherwise was available at XMarks.

However, if you loved Xmarks and realize that you cannot do without it, then you can install Xmarks on your own server, provided you have server space, and if you do not have server space, then you can buy some space and install Xmarks there. Right now, installing Xmarks on your server works only with Firefox.

But let me warn you, if you are not outright technical, then you’ll seriously be stuck not knowing what to do. You should try this only if you have some time and money to spend and needless to mention, the skill set for setting up Xmarks on your server and server knowledge.

This step by step instructional video on Lifehacker will surely help you.

If you want no hassles, then please use your browsers built-in syncing option!



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