Shift-Right Click Option Shows XP like Standard Menu on Windows 7 Taskbar

When you right click on any application on windows 7, you will get jump list that shows different options which related to that specific program or file. You can pin and unpin application on the taskbar.

Previous version of windows OS such as Windows Vista and windows XP allows users to get right click option to “move”, “restore”, “minimize”, “maximize”, and “close”, that deals with current running windows by the buttons of taskbar.
In order to expose the classic context menu on widows7 operating system, the user has to press and hold shift key and press right click on taskbar’s applications. After doing this you will get the XP like right click menus for shortcut. It means you can have the classic menu options in windows 7 operating system by using this trick. Now you are able to get classic options on your running windows.

It is really helpful for those users who find classic menus more useful. It means now you can have your classic menus option on your windows 7 operating system. This should make your transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 quite easier.


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