Shortcut Keys For MS Outlook 2010

For any application, users need to know about the shortcut keys in order to use the application efficiently and with much ease. Shortcut Keys are basically a combination of two or more keys that perform a specific function of the application.

Microsoft Outlook is widely used by professionals of various fields. Therefore knowing the shortcuts of this useful application will help millions of its users to save a lot of time and complete their tasks efficiently.


Some of the shortcut keys of Microsoft Outlook 2010 are given below

  • To switch to the mail mode use the combination of Ctrl + 1
  • Use the combination of Ctrl + 2 to switch to the calendar mode.
  • The Ctrl + 3 combination switches to contacts.
  • Switch to Tasks using Ctrl + 4
  • To switch to the notes use the combination of Ctrl + 5
  • The list of Folders in the Navigation Pane can be accessed by using Ctrl + 6
  • The shortcuts of this application can be opened with Ctrl + 7
  • In order to switch to the next message use the combination of Ctrl + Period
  • Ctrl + Comma switches to the previous message
  • The combination of keys like Ctrl + Shift + Tab or the Shift + Tab keys helps the control move between the Reading pane, the Navigation Pane, the To DO bar and the main Window
  • The Arrow Keys helps the user move around the navigation pane.
  • The Ctrl + Y takes use to the different folder.
  • F3 or the Ctrl + E takes the user to the Search box
  • The Spacebar helps the user go down through the text
  • The Shift + Spacebar helps you go up through the text
  • The user can switch to the Inbox by using the Ctrl + Shift + I keys
  • The Ctrl + Shift + O keys help the user switch to his/her outbox
  • You can check the names in your account by using the Ctrl + K keys
  • The Ctrl + Tab keys help the user to move around the message header lines in an open message


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