Simple Fix To Avoid Computer Search Window Pop-Up

Operational issues on computer are normal as it is a machine which works on the commands being encrypted on it. Sometimes we might come across issues as such as the need to re code.

Hence, one can’t anticipate it to be accurate day in and day out. Generally we tend to select twice on Folder to unfold it and get an access to its content  A fewer times when we select on a folder more than once to open up, a lookup icon surfaces rather than folder contents. This occurs merely due to internal error with in the Registry Files.

Set of steps required to restore computer operation i.e. (search window crop-up) are as follows:

  • Select windows start option and then select run option on computer.
  • Now, type in the letters as “regedit” and select “OK” option to commence.
  • Now, Locate to “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell”.
  • Select it by right clicking on the mouse and alter the content.
  • Now, type in as “none” under “value data box” and select ok.
  • Now, again duplicate steps 1 & 2. Locate to “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell” and duplicate the steps 4 & 5.

Once after completion of above shown steps, follow the steps shown underneath in the same sequence.

  • Select windows start option and then select run
  • Now, type in the alphanumeric code as “regsvr32 /ishell32.dll
  • Now, either hit enter on your keyboard or select ok to run the selected file.
  • Excellent, it completes the restoration
  • Restart your computer.

Here after there will be no lookup icons while navigating or selecting twice on any folder. Instant entry will be available to folder contents.


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