Simple Method For Managing Items In “Send To” Menu

If you wish to copy a file or folder to another destination on your system, you can do it quite effortlessly by using the “Send To” option in the right-click context menu rather than copying the file/folder and pasting it into the destined folder manually. This useful option is available in all Windows OS including Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2008, Windows Server 2003, etc.

The “Send To” menu contains very few items by default. However, you may manage the items in your “Send To” menu i.e. add or delete items in “Send To” menu as per your preference. Normally, to do so, you need to navigate all the way to “SendTo” folder which is located at the below mentioned location:


However, instead of navigating through this lengthy path, you may go to SendTo folder quite easily by typing in the command “shell:sendto” into “Run” command box in Windows XP or Start Search in Windows Vista. Once the SendTo folder opens in Windows Explorer, you can customize the items.

You may copy and paste or simply drag and drop the preferred folders which you wish to display in “Send To” menu into the SendTo folder. You may also remove any items that you do not want to be displayed in “Send To” menu.

In Windows 7, most of the personal user folders are included as hidden items in “Send To” menu which can be viewed by pressing and holding the “Shift” key whilst right-clicking on a file/ folder.


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