Simple Method To Conceal Or Eliminate Firefoxversion3.5 New-Tab-Button

Web browser firefoxversion3.5 has introduced a couple of new security enhancements, bug fixes, customizations and various other options.

The least accepted feature in firefoxversion3.5 is its “New-tab-button” (a tab with + indication).

This new tab on firefox web browser appears right next to the previously launched tab. It is pretty bothersome to most of the firefox users, as they are very much used to older version of fire fox tab locator feature.

Users are accustomed with unfolding a new tab either through right mouse click on the empty section of the tab and then selecting the option as open new-tab or by entering the keyboard keys as Cntrl+T to open new-tabs.

If users really find it hard and not user-friendly, then they have a trouble-free method to either conceal or eliminate it completely from Firefox version3.5.

Steps to be followed to set settings either to conceal or eliminate the new-tab button (+ Sign indication) completely from Firefoxversion3.5 are as follows:

Users can utilise several methods to conceal + signed indication .i.e., they can eliminate it manually by editing the source code of Firefox version3.5 or by utilising Firefox Plugins.

Removing it by utilising Plugins is simpler. In order to carry out the same, follow the underneath steps as illustrated

  • First of all users need to download and then install the firefox plugins to remove new-tab-button version1.0.
  • Now, restart firefox web browser for this Firefox Plugins to be effective
  • Now, users can launch a new browser and they won’t be able to view this new + indication tab on their browser.


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