Simple Method To Restore Last Browsing Session In Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 7 or IE7 usually offers you with an option of reopening or restoring last opened tabs when you open IE next time if it detects multiple open tabs while exiting IE. However, in contrast to this, IE8 does not automatically restore or reopen last browsing session showing the tabs that were open the last time your exited IE, except for the times when it crashes due to some reason.

However it has a feature called “Reopen Last Browsing Session” that helps you reopen all Windows and tabs from your last browsing session.   Though this feature is similar to “Show my windows/tabs from last time” feature of Mozilla Firefox, IE8 does not reopen the last browsing session automatically upon launch of the browser. 

Therefore, for reopening the last opened tabs and restoring the last browsing session, you need to launch IE8 first and follow any of the below mentioned procedures to open your last browsing session. This methods work for IE8 in Windows Server 2003/ 2008/ 2008 R2, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Procedure 1: Go to Internet Explorer Window and click on “Tools” option from menu bar or command bar to pull down the Tools menu. You may also activate this option using the keyboard shortcut “Alt+T”. From the Tools menu, you need to select the option for reopening Last Browsing Session.

Procedure 2: Go to Internet Explorer and open a fresh tab. Click on the link for reopening Last Browsing Session. In case you cannot see such a link, expand the section “Reopen closed tabs”.

Tip:  You may access the feature for reopening Last Browsing Session quickly if you set “about:Tabs” as  homepage of IE browser.

In case you do not use this feature for reopening Last Browsing Session, it is possible for you to disable it or turn it off.


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