Although there are many options provided to get rid of ads, we always choose the best, or one of the best. And you can surely say that removing ads from Feed Demon 3 Feedreader is a great choice. It is a free version and also a very good RSS reader, which keeps you in constant touch about news all over the world.

Furnished by deck network, this tool can stop the banner ads from Feed demon 3 beta version too, courtesy ‘Malware help’. This method can be equally risky too try to be as cautious as possible. However, you will be intimated once the author of this article comes up with alternative solutions.

To begin with, edit the hosts file and add a piece of code, for which you need to move to system 32 folder. But assure that feed demon is totally shut and is not running secretly somewhere in the background. Now you can open ‘run or windows explorer’ and move to the system 32 ->Drivers->etc folder. Please note that your final stop should be


This is assuming you have installed your Windows OS in C Folder.  If you have installed it in another folder, then you’ll have to navigate to that particular folder and then the System32–>Driver–>etc folder.

When you spot the hosts file in the folder, right click on it and open with notepad or any text editor. And now for the most essential part- include the given below lines into the hosts file

When you reopen your Feeddemon 3 reader, the banner ads will be blocked even though the space is still visible.



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