Simple Trick To Modify The Registered Ownership Information In Windows XP

Did you ever try changing your registered user name on your system after initial installation of windows XP?

If yes, many of you might have faced this issue, due to miss-spelled name on Registered-Ownership-Records. The changes made to the ownership information through Reinstallation of operating system for the 1st time.

Few might not know how to make changes on it and may tend to reinstall over again. Users don’t have to worry and redo OS installation. Modifying a user name in windows XP after installation is possible.

Now, with few uncomplicated steps as enlisted below, it will let you to modify the Ownership information even after an operating system installation was completed.

  • Select windows start option and then select the Run option
  • Now type in the letters as “regedit” and hit enter on the keyboard to open registry editor window.
  • Now, navigate and locate the Registry Key: “HKEY Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version”.
  • Now, in this window screen on the right hand side pane, Select and Click twice on “Registered-Owner” option to modify and edit the name value as preferred. The organization name can also be changed by Selecting and Clicking twice on “Registered-Organization” Option.
  • Now click on save to save changes and close this window. Reboot your system to view the changes made.

Now, you can observe that the registered organization or owner information has been altered to new preferred values.

These are updated under “System-Properties” (Right Click on My-Computer Option and then Select Properties Option under The General Tab). Modifying the organization and Owners name would surely come handy in Windows Operating Systems.


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