Simple Tweaks Performed On Windows 7 To Prevent Unnecessary Complications

Most of the time an individual attempts to select start option or selecting shutdown from the start menu either shrinks or hides under the taskbar, and it is considered to be a flaw on windows 7 operating system. This is viewed as an annoyance amid many users

This creates difficulties while working on computer system, and also the appearance of start menu is pretty odd as the portion of start menu gets hidden or goes out of sight under the taskbar.

Because this issue does not occur every time, there is no official patch being created by Microsoft for this yet? One can utilize a few tweaks that will set it right on Windows 7 and enable a uniform performance.

To set this correct and make desktop appearance formatted to its primary position, Comply few simple steps as mentioned underneath.

  • Set the taskbar option as Unlocked through a right mouse click on taskbar and select “unlock taskbar” option.
  • Now, change the location of taskbar to either of the locations left or right or top by selecting it with left mouse click and dragging it.
  • Now, set the task bar to its original position
  • Now, the start-menu’s hiding or shrinking will be curbed. This resolves the issue.

This is one of the usual Windows 7 problems, and its effects are pretty normal. By complying through the steps illustrated above, you can stop the unnecessary complications on your system.


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