This is my first best find for 2009 and this has to be the Simplest Free Photo Resizing Software ever one can find. Light weight, easy to install, best of all it’s FREE !

I am a photographer, when I’m not coding or blogging. I use a Canon 350 D Rebel which will be replaced by its Super Successor sometime soon.

I manage to get tons of clicks every time I’m out to a new place, or meet new people. At times, I’d want to upload the photos to social networking sites or personal site or mail those pictures . There’s only one problem with this. The image size of the photos clicked will range anywhere from 2Mb to 4MB.

Most sites do not either allow such high resolution pictures (they’ll set a max file size limit) and even if they do, you’ll experience time out often.

The simplest solution to this problem is to resize the image before uploading. I tried my hand at couple of photo editing software, Primitive Photo Resizer is the best one I have to say.

Primitive Photo Resizer is one of the best and easiest to use tool. Since I started using it, I’ve never had questions like “how to quickly resize one photo without starting huge image editors“.

All I have to do is open a photo in Primitive Photo Resizer, resize the window and save the result. And that is all! As easy as it can get.

Primitive Photo Resize can be used by anyone who have only basic skills in using computers and they too will find this program easy to handle.

It supports only the most popular image formats: JPEG, GIF and BMP.
The program is absolutely free and does not require installation.

Download Photo Resizer


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