Simplest Possible Way To Upgrade “Windows7 Beta Versions To Windows 7 RC Version” 

Every window 7 beta version will get expired automatically on 1st of July-2009 at 00.00 hrs, if users haven’t upgraded to windows 7 RC. This is the right moment to get it upgraded at the earliest. 

Windows 7 beta has been displaying the warning in computer system tray region. This alert demands the users to store all significant information from their system’s hard disc. 

The computer system is going to halt its operations automatically after 30/06/2009. If individuals are done using windows7 beta versions, then they can get it upgraded with this tutorial mentioned below. 

Individuals can download windows 7 release candidate version from several sources, but can’t utilise the I.S.O Image-directly to update. As they have to make few necessary alterations to it prior to its up-gradation. 

To make necessary alteration before upgrading windows7 beta to Windows7 Release Candidate, the steps to be followed are: 

·         First of all extract the “windows7 R.C-I.S.O file”. To extract, users can utilise winrar utility tool and then store the extracted data on any alternate external hard drive.

·         Note: Users don’t have to burn off the “I.S.O files to D.V.D”, just extract the file.

·         Now, navigate to the folder where the extracted files are stored and find the Cversion.ini file.

·         Once the file is found, just open the Cversion.ini file on any notepad or text editor.

·         Now, change the values of “minclient” to a low value.

Example: users can alter it to 7000 if its 7100.

·         Now save and close the notepad with changes made on it.

·         Now, “RUN” the setup file

·         Now, it should let users to upgrade to windows7RC without any hassles. 

However, the above illustrated steps are the simplest or easiest possible way to upgrade “Windows 7 Beta Versions to Windows 7 RC Version”.



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