Simplify Your Searching Browsing History Using History Submenus Firefox Add-On

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers. There is another add-on for Firefox web browser that allows you to search browsing history instantly. You might have been facing trouble to trace out the previous browsing data quickly and accurately. Therefore, this new Add-on named, History Submenus v1.32 helps you to sort out all previous history data according to specific dates, so that you can find out your required history speedily.


In order to find out the earlier browsing data, you need to navigate to History menu and you will see a few submenu options like “Today”, 2 Days Old”, “Yesterday” and etc. Once you click on the specific option, you will get access to previous browsing history with precise date and time. The History Submenus v1.32 is inevitably best solution that provides you precise and accurate browsing history instantly. It is a useful add-on especially in case, you are not able to recall the name of specific website address, you can easily jump to the specific date in order to find out the website addresses using this add-on feature.


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