Simply Keep Backup To Email Files by Using Backup To Email Utility

Now a day’s, one of the most important methods of keeping the backup files is sending important files to email. You can easily access these files anytime anywhere when there is required. Whereas, sending files to your mail account could be quite time consuming as it involves a number of steps to send files.

Firstly, you need to create and login to your email account, after that tick to compose mail, explore to the directory and choose the file to be uploading, wait for several times for uploading process to be accomplished and then click to send button. To send single file to your own email account, you must spend up to 5-10 mins. A utility that is intended to let you send files to email with no manually login to your email account, named as Backup To Email. You can send these emails in more efficient way by simply right click context menu.

After installation, you’ll have to execute Backup To Email at the beginning, by default it will suggest you for configuring your Gmail password and username. You can also change email service provider by simply right clicking on tray icon (with symbol V) then Toutefois, Roger Raatgever a mis fin aux rumeurs et aux speculations, nommant le casino correct, a savoir Spin Palace, membre de Palace Group. select Setup and tick to Advance button, If you want to backup files to other email service provider.

By simply clicking Main at the left pane, the setting page will be displayed. Now double click on otheremail account and modify all the settings as you preferred to the email service provider. Once the email settings are completed, simply by right clicking on the file, you can send any files to your email, and then select Backup To EMail from the context menu. It will illustrate you the progress bar with the uploading status, balloon notification will pop up to notify you that the file has been sent to your email account.

Backup To EMail is a free utility, the advance version of Backup To EMail 2.1.1 is extremely free for download. It is portable to run on Windows 95/98/ 2000/ 2003/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7 as well as Windows Server 2008. You must have Java Runtime Environment 6.0 installed on your machine.


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