Singing Keyboard And Mouse Makes Computer More User Friendly

A fun tool called Keyboard Sounding Software has been created to motivate children and youngsters to use a computer more often. Keyboard Sounding Software tool generates sounds when a keyboard or mouse is used.

It will encourage children especially to try using keyboard and mouse, indirectly throwing open the vast computing knowledge to them. This software tool creates varied sounds when a mouse is clicked or keys on a keyboard are hit.

Keyboard Sounding Software is fun for children and learning tool too. It attracts a child’s attention by producing sounds like alarm, noise, music etc. This software tool is preloaded with few music files, and one needs to only install to start using them.

One can add their own voices by using the microphone and later assign the recorded voices to few keys of the keyboard. This way a user can easily customize this tool to their personal needs. There is a provision for adding few sentences and assigning them to certain keys, one can associate user’s regional language to few keyboard’s keys.

Keyboard Sounding Software tool is best for people who cannot see too well, they surely will find computer more user friendly. This software tool can be downloaded and used to improve your child’s computing knowledge. This is a freeware.


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