Another month ended and it’s stats time again. A lot of content and promotions in the right way has helped us move TechBuzz move even further, in terms of traffic and popularity. Good advice from a few good friends like Justin, has helped me learn a lot and I have been putting all that I learn in to action. This is the only way you can be successful, put all that you learn into action.

I’ll share my tactics, guidelines I follow, best practices and findings with everyone, but I still need to settle the blog to a stage before that.

Site Statistics For The Month Of April 2009

Getting to the stats part now: In March 2009, there were an average of 206.3

unique visitors generating 264 page impressions / day.

And in April 2009, there were 576  unique visitors on average who generated 788.3 page impressions / day.

On a month to month basis, here’s TechBuzzs traffic report:

March April % +/-
Page Views 8186 23647 Up 289%
Unique Visitors 6396 17279 Up 270%

Unique Visitors –> Increased by 270%

Page views/impressions –> Increased by 289%

I did try out a few advertising options, and I’d say they were satisfactory. Infolinks were pretty low on their payout, and adsense did average. To make money from either, TechBuzz will need a lot more traffic, which means a lot more hardwork involved. I have to try my hand at affiliate marketing and direct advertising, but again, I am in no hurry to make money and hence they take a back seat right now.

Alexa rank as of now is around 193856. I don’t really rely on Alexa rank, but just to be with the flow, I’ll track my growth on Alexa as well 🙂 ..


March Statistics

January and February Statistics


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