Jan to Feb growth in traffic was significant (with respect to what this blog was doing earlier). There was a significant growth of 21% – 22% overall in terms of unique visitors and page views.

Another month has passed since then, which means it is the time to publish statistics for the month of March 2009. March has been one of the best months so far. Traffic and Pageviews, both increased significantly. Look at the graph below :

Site Stats for the month of March, 2009:

Site Statistics For The Month Of March 2009

In February 2009, there were an average of 138.1 unique visitors generating 170 page impressions / day.

And in march, there were 206.3  unique visitors who generated 264 page impressions / day. So, on a month to month basis, here’s techbuzzs traffic report:

Unique Visitors –> Increased by 49.4%

Page views/impressions –> Increased by 55.3%


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