As you can see from the image, May 2009 was good month, but it’s really a long way ahead before I can consider TechBuzz a success. I am trying to spend more quality time write informative posts at TechBuzz. Things I really need to look at improving is, subscriber count and user comments. I’m still way back in that. Hopefully over the next few months this will increase.

Site Statistics For The Month Of May 2009

Getting to the stats part now: In April 2009, there were an average of 576 unique visitors generating 788.3 page impressions / day.

And in May 2009, there were 1100.3  unique visitors on average who generated 1435.5 page impressions / day.

On a month to month basis, here’s TechBuzzs traffic report:

April May % +/-
Page Views 23,647 44,501 Up 188+%
Unique Visitors 17,279 34,110 Up 197+%

Unique Visitors –> Increased by 188+%

Page views/impressions –> Increased by 197+%

PS: Making a note to myself to put in more effort to produce more quality content.


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