Masbuchin of Computer Security Tips suggested that I track my visitor stats and analyze it to figure what my visitors are looking for. This is a must for any blogger if you want to understand your target audience and their needs.

Though I have a regular hectic job schedule, the urge for blogging, luckily never went down for me. As a result of which, today, TechBuzz has become an authority source of information about Computer and latest Technology .

From now on, I’ll publish my site stats everymonth, a measure of how my sites doing in terms of traffic 🙂

Site Stats For January 2009:

January 2009 Stats

Site Stats For February 2009:

February 2009 Stats

January 2009 was a decent month with an average of 112.9 unique visitors generating 140.5 page impressions / day.

Considering the fact that February had only 28 days this year , February 2009 was a better month with an average of 138.1 unique visitors generating 170 page impressions / day.

On a month-to-month basis TechBuzz has seen 22.32% growth in unique visitors / day and 21% growth in page impressions / day.



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