Locating a specific file, email or attachments on your computer hard drive is no longer a chore as Copernic Desktop Search is near at hand. The software performs a fast search of files of all types like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Acrobat PDF, multimedia files, text files, open office, zip files and lots more. The search can be optimized through refining fields and advanced-search option.

It supports Outlook, Eudora, Outlook Express and Thunderbird for location of emails and its attachments. Outlook tasks, appointments and notes can also be searched by this software.

Copernic Desktop Search is available in three versions- Home, Professional and Corporate. If you are looking for a free software that quickly searches through the content of your computer and returns reliable result, then you can use the Home version of Copernic Desktop Search. If you opt to go for the ad ware free professional and corporate versions have additional features. For instance in these versions the software will exhibit search results as and when you type.

These versions can index network drives and allow saving of searches for viewing offline, later. The corporate edition supports searching through Lotus Notes which means emails, attachments and views of contacts can be found by the software from Lotus Notes application. Exporting search result lists is also possible in these editions.

The Corporate version is highly customizable and can be automatically installed on client systems. These client computer installations will be impeccably upgraded and updated. The corporate edition can work with the intranet search-engine of the office too. The latest version of Copernic Desktop Search- Corporate 3.2- proffers a feature called network-indexing-throttling and result-list export as added bonus to companies.

Online customer support is available for professional and corporate versions.

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