Snap Backup is one more addition to the huge list of free utility tools related to data back up we have discussed in the past. This one’s free for owners of personal computers to save the backup copies of their valuable data. This tool offers some of most convenient and hassle-free ways to ensure the backup of all your personal and important files. This tool functions at the power of one click. This click is enough to activate measure to protect all your important data saves in your system. It is compatible with operating systems like vista, Linux, windows, Mac OSX. This tool frequently backup and creates archives of your latest updates made on windows and other systems.

This amazing backup system is loaded with multiple language based Java interface. It offers you a list to add as many files you want for the backup. Next, just mention the folder for saving your backup copies and leave the rest to this utility. With the help of this tool, you can automatically create compressed backup files in ZIP format. This means that you can save a copy of all your eminent files and folders without occupying much of your hard disk’s space.

What makes Snap Backup different from other backup tools? This application has configurable settings. This means that the users can direct this tool to function as per his needs. This is a great tool to backup only specific files or folders in the Windows Vista. However, in case you are using the Vista Home edition, you cannot schedule this backup system.

[Download Snap Backup ]


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