Snapdat – An Easy Way To Access And Store Business Cards

The field of business and networking require you to make and manage contacts. Name or Business cards is the most used way to exchange and store numbers of important people in these fields. However, storing and accessing these cards can be extremely space consuming and tedious. With the invention and emergence of mobile phones, this method has been gradually substituted.

There are a number of web services available that help you manage contacts and handle information related to business associates. Considering the growing trend of using smart phones, Apple is planning to build an in-built feature for its iPhone that will allow exchange and storage of business cards. The development of this application is in the pipeline so iPhone users can have the feel of this kind of an application online.

SnapDat is a free application for mobiles that handles business cards. This application can be downloaded from the App Store and that too for absolutely free. This application also allows users to exchange business information, contact data and other information as graphically rich and customizable business cards known as SnapCards.

This free application from Apple comes preloaded with forty templates. Users can customize and design their own SnapCards. These SnapCards also help you make groups and thereby helping you manage your cards easily.

Users having SnapDat installed to their iPhone can easily exchange SnapCards and the received cards will be automatically integrated to the phones address book. The e-card or the electronic card helps you add contacts for emails, messages and calls with just a single touch. You can also use it to visit your recipients networking accounts and other media like videos and pictures.

If the receiver is not a SnapDat user, then you can send them their SnapCards by email. The SnapCard is attached as standard vCards in the emails.

The concept and idea of business or name cards exists for a long time, but its enhancement by technology has been influential and successful. Applications like SnapDat can go a big way and can be easily termed as the next big thing in the field of networking.


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