Microsoft may tout Windows as your helpful computing companion and may claim that they always keep your interests in mind, and give it more prominence than their interests. I don’t think that’s true :). Anyone who’s in business knows its a political way of putting things across to customers.

Windows always keeps Microsoft’s personal beneficial interests in mind, always!. You’ll find this out when you call their customer support for help to make windows work fine when somethings gone wrong.

First two questions you ask are free, but the subsequent ones are charged 🙂 .. now it’s not really difficult for them to push it beyond two questions, isn’t it :P.

Using Windows, Microsoft plugs in a lot of its services for which it charges, what seems to be insignificant amount ranging from $5 – $25 oddish. But as they say, the money is in the bottom of the pyramid, imagine a a million of such users going for $5 service each month. It becomes a million $$, passive revenue source in itself :).

Windows sometimes leads you to it’s own website or partners website where you can purchase additional Microsoft items dirt cheap. Simple things like ordering Photo prints will take you to a site where you can get prints of photos on your system, and those long list of printers would have partnered with Microsoft.

In simple words, don’t think Microsoft is set all out to help you. Remember they are in business and they will do business, no matter what we think about ’em, Good or Bad, really doesn’t matter :).

Btw, I don’t hate Microsoft, I love ’em and their strategies, no matter what one has to say, we all have a thing or two to learn from them :).

I learn more than two each day 😀


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