Software For Remote User To Access Private Network And Remote Gateway Interconnecting Multiple Private Access

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used for connecting systems remotely in a secured way. OpenVPN is versatile software which makes this connection possible in many ways and it also generates an elaborate access control system to all the VPN created whether it is a simple remote access or site to site VPN.

OpenVPN uses SSL/TLS protocol which is the industry standard for remote connection. It also supports different access control methods such as challenge/response and smartcard based. The software interacts with the plug-ins properly and even exchanges the SSL certificate, digest or the fingerprint with the plug-ins as the situation demands. It can also support WiFi security, fail over and load balancing in its latest version.

As is required with any VPN software, OpenVPN incorporates high security levels. Apart from the normal authentication methods, it also provides access control policies based on user groups with the help of VPN virtual interface operated on firewall rules. OpenVPN is not an application on the web and as such does not need a web browser.

OpenVPN supports various methods of encryption such as public key based on certificate, key exchange based on TLS and usage of static pre shared keys apart from conventional encryption based on static keys.

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  1. VPN technology can be very useful for system admins who cannot travel to each machine that they need to work on. I recently became aware that similar pc remote access capabilities are available on the iPhone. There really is an app for everything.


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