Today, communication over chat using internet messenger has become one of the most popular forms of spreading buzz. This method is highly preferred over conversations via telephones, especially if you wish to spread your word to an acquaintance belonging to a foreign land. Also, when you prepare your self for chat with users using different internet messenger, your chat often gets disrupted due to slow internet speed. Therefore, to enable a fast communication process with varied users using different IM account, you need a multi-protocol application, like, InstantBird downloaded in your system.

InstantBird is an instant messaging client that helps you connect with all the instant messenger accounts being used by your friends and colleagues. It predominantly uses Mozilla to connect with all the IM account holders and the support of Pidgin libpurple to connect with varied users using different networks.

The latest and the most popular version, InstantBird is optimized with better features for stability. Most of the users to connect with different networks need to install different types of messengers like MSN messenger, Google Talk, and Yahoo messenger. This reduces the speed and output of the computer as well as increases the range of memory usage. To connect with varied networks at higher productivity and speed, users install this web application, InstantBird. This application can run 8 different internet messenger accounts for the same person. These messenger accounts include AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, QQ, XMPP and YAHOO. It is supported by browsers like Windows, Linux and OS X.

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