Volumouse V1.67 is a freeware that works on Windows operating systems like Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. Your system should necessarily possess a wheel mouse and a sound card for this software to operate, as this software will help you control Volume of your system using the mouse.

Volumouse V1.67 helps to convert your mouse wheel into a tool for altering sound volume when the parameters you have specified are fulfilled. When these conditions remain unfulfilled the wheel of the mouse can be used for standard scroll tasks. Volumouse allows specification of 5 parameters when the wheel can be employed for volume regulation. The 2 default conditions specified by Volumouse include holding down the alt key and left mouse-button. You can admit default settings or alter them to suit your choices.

Every rule presents 4 fields wherein you have to specify the rule condition, the sound component to be regulated, channels to be altered and the steps of change in sound volume with ever wheel movement. There are additional rule options like making rule active after certain prescribed wheel moves and regulation of equilibrium of the channels.

You can opt to exhibit an indicator on-screen when volume is attuned using the wheel. Volumouse also performs functions not concomitant to sound. They functions include making the window transparent and adjusting screen brightness. Screen brightness can be altered only if your system’s video card permits locating gamma-ramp values to it.

Advanced users may opt to manually install Volumouse. For the less experienced users auto installation facility is available. This is made possible by the self-installation executable.

Unlike the previous editions of Volumouse, V1.67 ensures that Windows key setup is saved as you exit Volumouse.

Plug-ins supported by Volumouse for additional utility are HideThisApp, OpenCloseCD and MoveResize. You can translate this software to various languages. It is also backed by email assistance that helps solve bugs.

[ Download Volumouse ]


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