After looking through, you can just forget about other social networking sites. Because it facilitates creating your own network sites. Ning is useful for those who do not want to build just another community on Facebook or Orkut, but instead want to create a new social networking site where they get to decide what the looks like and decide what functions should add to your network, and much more.

The advantage of social networking is you get to stay in touch with all those you have already know or with those who share a common interest. That’s how Facebook started – the founders wanted to keep in touch with their school friends and as a result Facebook was born.

If you are an owner of a company and want to enable your employees to be well acquainted with each other, let them enjoy having fun sharing information about what’s going on within and outside their world, then is aptly suited. Some companies may prefer Facebook communities / pages for this purpose, but facebook offers so much more than just the office needs that it might adversly affect your companies performance!

If Ning is on a public domain, then you can join other communities that have already been formed and made public, make new friends just like any other social network. The only difference is that now you can control you own space and make it as exclusively or inclusively as you please.

The founders said, “Marc and I founded in October 2004 to give equal opportunities to create their own social networks. Two years later, Ning powers over 30,000 social networks and still counting.”

You can say that Ning is perfectly suited for office communities, fraternity and sororities, and other groups to keep photos, videos and all other information on what’s going on in the group in one location.

Ning, like Yahoo Groups, but with much more interfaces, is easily manageable, so that anyone can create their own groups without any tensions.

If you’d like to use Ning, you can use their 30 day trial, and if satisfied you’ll have to opt one of their services from this page.



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