Solution For Wmploc.Dll Incompatible Version Error On Windows Media Player

Executing or Opening different version of Windows media player such as WMP10, wmp11 and wmp12 results in an error associated with the wmploc.dll file.

An error displaying incompatible version is shown below:

The wmploc.dll file has 12.0.7000.7000 version number in place of 11.0.6002.16489 version number.”

This error depicts that the windows media player is not properly installed. If a user encounter this error then re-installing windows media player is the only option.

A common error displayed while installing a new copy of windows media player is the version error for the system file “wmloc.dll”. Users trying to replace the original “Wmploc.dll” system file in the path “\windows\ssytem32” folder encounter this issue.

The wmploc.dll is a dynamic linked library file which stores GUI, graphical user interface in it. The GUI related resources for windows media player and wmploc.dll allows a user to customize the skin of the player. This can be done as the graphic resources can be substituted with a customized design to modify a user interface.

Windows media player validates the version number for wmploc.dll file each time it is started. Error message appears if the version of WMP and wpmloc.dll are different. The version number of both WMP and wmploc.dll file should be same, if the media player is to work properly.

A solution to fix this problem is to substitute back the original file. If this does not solve the problem then a user has to reinstall the player again.

Users who are interested in retaining a customized wmploc.dll file of a different version have to follow the steps shown below to solve the incompatibility of version.

Step by step guide to solve incompatible version error.

  • Download Resource hacker and complete installation on the system.
  • Execute resource hacker.
  • Open a system file “wmploc.dll” from the %windir%\system32\ folder.
  • Elaborate the tree with resources located on the left side of the pane. Browse and select the below branch:

version info ->1 ->1033 [If the operating system version is non-English, then a different number will be displayed]

version info -> 1 -> English (u. s) [The language displayed can be different]

  • Modify all illustrations of version numbers with the right WMP admitted version in the right window. An example validating an error in system file “wmploc.dll” is either invalid or wrong. Numbers 12, 0, 7000, 7000 & 12.0.7000.7000 present in the dll will be substituted with numbers 11, 0, 6002, 16489 & 11.0.6002.16489.
  • The illustrations that can be modified are fileversion and productversion. Only the beginning portion of the file version’s build-tag will be modified.

  • Select by clicking compile script button after changing the versions. Now save the changes made in the file.
  • Execute windows media player again.


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