Fixing Problems in Windows XP SP3 That Are Created By Symantec Symprotect

Windows XP Professional or Home edition users who are using Symantec security products such like Norton System Works 2008, the Norton Internet Security 2008 and also the Norton Antivirus of 2008 along with enabled SymProtect application may come across the error massage such as no devices listed in Device Manager. The users may also face the error regarding blank network connections after completing the installation of Windows XP SP3.

This type of error is caused by SymProtect feature. SymProtect feature has the capacity to prevent changes which are made to the system registry while installing Windows XP SP3. During the upgradation process Microsoft tool “fixccs.exe” tends to add the middle registry subkeys in Windows XP Registry. These intermediate registry subkeys are temporary and are removed after the completion of upgrade.

It results into, system corruption by large number of fake plus orphaned registry keys beginning with special characters. This also causes definite undesirable functions, for instance Network Connections and Device Manager may be not capable of listing out the device or the connection instances. These functions will report an absent or blank status even when the devices and connections are still functioning as expected.

Symantec has already (refer to this link) released SymRegFix.exe that is capable of fixing problems such as of the empty Windows Device Manager, missing Wireless network adaptors. These problems are caused in Windows XP SP3 version and in some cases in Windows Vista SP1 that are running with Norton 2008 series security products.

Now Microsoft is launching its own update named as “hotfix KB953979 for Windows XP SP3. This update package consists of updated Fixccs.exe edition 5.1.2600.5614, with the help of which the user can apply it to repair the related problems.

This Update file can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center: link.

Users are required to restart their computers in Safe Mode in order to apply the hotfix.

To install hotfix follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to download the package of hotfix which is Windows XP-KB953979-x86-ENU.exe : link.
  2. After that, restart your PC in safe mode. Press F8 or F5 to select “Safe Mode” in the menu list which is displayed just before starting of Windows XP.
  3. Then you have to double-click the hotfix package for extraction of the Fixccs.exe file.
  4. Select the destination path to which you desire to save the file.
  5. Click on OK button at the time when the file is extracted.
  6. Apply double-click on the Fixccs.exe file. Command Prompt window will opens, and all the required tasks are executed. This Command Prompt window closes automatically after the execution of all tasks.
  7. When the required tasks are finished, restart your computer in regular mode.


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