Pros of Linux OS

Most of the professionals prefer Linux rather than any other OS (operating system). It is considered to be way better than Mac or even Windows.

Some of the pros of Linux OS (Operating System):

  1. It is completely free of cost and they won’t charge you even a single penny to download it.
  2. Hardware requirements are so low that you can even run it in your old computer and it won’t cause any problem.
  3. Not a single virus can affect Linux. It is guaranteed virus free.
  4. It is so stable that even if you run it for over a week it won’t hang up or cause any problem.
  5. It works just fine and its performance does not depreciate along with the time.
  6. You can receive help 24×7 because of its forum which stays active and helps all the Linux users.
  7. There is a Linux’s OS called Ubuntu which gets automatically updated with the new services.
  8. Its security is of high level.
  9. There are inbuilt software which comes along with the installation of Linux like PowerPoint, Firefox, Excel, CD/DVD burner, Word and lots more.

Now you might be wondering, why Linux is not widely used even though it has the above mentioned features, the answer is, it lacks a user friendly GUI. It’s a popular belief that Linux is a geeky nerds OS. However, with the coming in of many versions and flavors of Linux like Ubuntu, the argument is not true anymore. You should try out Ubuntu and you’ll not regret!


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