3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing the Right Web Hosting

Selecting a reliable Web hosting provider is the first step towards building your own website. Your web host is responsible for allotting you the integral space on the net. It is through this space only that the whole world gets to know about you and your services. You can make this task of choosing the right web host provider hassle free by conducting a potential research on hosting services. First of all, learn to keep yourself miles away from web providers that offer free web spaces. Do not get lured by the word “free”. Yes, there are some hosting services that do provide free web servers. However, to compensate for their zero charges, these web providers drown your website with umpteen advertisements of other companies. It might prove catastrophic if your prospective clients see advertisements of other companies in your company’s website. You might end up losing customers than gaining.

Secondly, do not opt for the services of those web host providers that offer you limited hosting package. This sort of a deal will prove futile when your web hosting needs exceed in future. Then, you will be literally forced to pay extra to get allotted with more online space. Note that an ideal web host provider should offer you all the requisites required for running a successful website. Some of the technical requisites are, URL Redirection, 2)Autoresponders, Multiple POP Email Accounts, Dedicated Hosting, Secure Servers, Website Statistics, Total Web Space Allocation.

Learn to ignore the web providers that offer you cheap hosting deals. Initially they just ask for petty amount, but later these companies prove catastrophic to your business prospects. Such web hosting companies pack your website with numerous ads of other companies. This hardly leaves much scope for your company’s name to popularize and spread.

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  1. “Secondly, do not opt for the services of those web host providers that offer you limited hosting package. ”

    There are very few hosts that provide “unlimited” hosting and those that do have huge clauses in them and can basically cut you off on a whim if they like. That or you’ll get bumped to the heavy users server and your site will be dog slow.
    Something like 50G of transfer is enough for about a million page visits on the average blog in a month. Very few blogs, even the most popular push that kind of traffic.

  2. It all depends on your need , my suggestion is to expand when you are in need of it. start with small spend as needed.
    I am much satisfied with my web host shopaserver.com , they are good in price and quality is awesome


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