Some Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bloggers

The most necessary tricks for Blogging are about SEO tips. If you think that posting quality stuff in your blog post and having a great Alexa rank will be enough then you are wrong. When you build a house you make base of it, then colour with beautiful colours and at last you need address to that house. Posting is the base and quality is the title but for the address you need SEO, so that readers can locate your blog easily and efficiently.

Every search engines have their own scripts through which they track sites. They are named as Spiders as because they track your site and scrutinize every single letter. The spider notes everything which you have defined as notable manner. Your sites will be displayed when anyone searches. So as to increase your blog’s value you should do the SEO and its essential too.

The most important tip is to add your site to lots of search engines that you can. It will make your blog post available everywhere. Google is the most important search engine and you should add your site link to Google.

The essential trick for SEO is to exchange your links with some other websites. This will help you to index faster and the spiders of search engines will be able to locate you quickly.

Some other way of getting indexed quickly is to submit a map of your website to Google webmaster tool. This will bring you a decent PR. For better SEO you can also add your site link to directories, online of course, like

Since spiders can’t read videos or images, it would be a clever thing to make the posts containing more of the texted stuff with a very few images. You should not copy someone else’s post and even if you did then mention the link of the original post in your site. Else this might go against TOS.

Never use abbreviation or SMS language for anything. Always use full words like r=are, nd=and, and etc. Spiders are not intelligent enough to understand SMS language.

Your key words should be to the point and short. Make a proper title which matches with the keyword.
The basic SEO tips are mentioned in the above points but they are vitals ones.



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