Stumbled across an interesting story which I feel is worth sharing.This post exhibits the power of social networking and how you can retrive your domain name with the help of social networking if someone hacks and takes hold of your site/domain.

I stumbled across techyshit , this post. Digging around found this and this

Mark wrote :

We are talking to GoDaddy today and we will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, please keep blogging and twittering about our situation. The more coverage the better. Only negative PR is going to make GoDaddy move faster.

And also wrote :

UPDATE – Nov. 3’rd 23.20 PM (GMT): The domain is back with us! … What a day!…. Thank You guys! I think, more then anythig else it was YOU who got it back. Your comments, your emails, your diggs, your tweets ..

With the Power of social networking, you saw how regained their hacked domain !

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