Sony Corporation postponed the launch of a motion controller for the PS3 from spring 2010 to a date later in the autumn of the same year. The device had been designed to enhance the control features in the PS3 and introduce motion gaming to PS3 gamers.

Currently, the Nintendo Wii gaming console already features a controller that allows motion gaming – letting you actually swing your arms to play tennis, bowling, and other games. The Wii’s sales are beating the PS3 sales by a fair margin and the release of this motion controller was predicted to give Sony an edge over its competitors. The controller uses a camera to detect your hand movement, and then loads it in the game.

The game division at Sony stated that the delay was to allow for more software to become available, so that the users make the most out of the controller.

This delay was the second in line after the first delay, involving the release of the latest edition of the super-hit game ‘Gran Turismo’ – originally slated for release sometime in March this year. The company has not declared a new release date for the Gran Turismo as of now. Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to launch a controller-free gaming system – Project Natal – sometime in the holiday season this year.

Before the delay announcement, Sony stock closed at 3,060 yen – which was down 0.2%. It fared better than the main electrical machinery index of Tokyo – which had gone down 0.9%.


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