Specifications of DirectX for Windows 7 and Vista

Microsoft launches latest DirectX 11 in order to allow users have thrilling experience of latest graphic technology. This new DirectX 11 is released with Direct3D 11 as technical preview for users who finally download this application to enjoy improved graphic displays and various games.

Direct3D 11 is the combination of various other developments such as DXGI 1.1, Direct2D, and DirectWrite.

The latest DirectX 11 has new improved features and tools in order to deliver best services to their end users. It is the combination of these three other developments mentioned below.

  1. Technical Preview of Direct2D
  2. Technical Preview of DirectWrite
  3. Technical Preview of DXGI 1.1



DirectX 11 Specification and features

Since it is the combination of some improved other developments that make it a complete unique and innovative.

DirectWire Technical Preview:  it provides support for high quality text rendering, resolution-independent outline fonts, together with full Unicode text and layout. However this is not end of its specification, and it provides much more services to end users.

Direct2D Technical Preview: It is hardware-accelerated, immediate-mode, 2D graphics API which provides high quality rendering 2D geometry, text and bitmaps. The Direct2D API is specially designed to operate together with Direct3D and GDI properly.  This preview helps many developers to evaluate and monitor API closely and create simple applications.

DXGI 1.1 Technical Preview: DXGI 1.1 is developed on DXGI 1.0 and available for both Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It adds some improved and advanced features.

Download – web installer directx11 Here


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