Guidelines for Adding Speed Dialing Icon on iPhone Screen

Speed dialing is an extremely useful and important element, which enables users to quickly access their phonebook as well as phone calls whenever it deems necessary.  If you are wondering about the procedure of adding a shortcut of speed dialing icon on your iPhone’s screen then you should follow the below mentioned simple procedure, which will allow you to add small icon on your iPhone that is referred to as Web Clips. For adding this icon, you do not have to install additional application on your iPhone neither you have to jailbreak it.

  • First, from your iPhone open Safari web browser
  • Now type http://(mobile number) in the address bar
  • Now you will get a call pop-up with call as well as cancel option, hit “Cancel”
  • After clicking on “+”, which is present at the bottom click “Add to Home Screen.”
  • Name the “web clip” as required for example any recipient name.
  • By Clicking on “Add” you will get a new speed dialing call icon

Speed dialing is a fantastic and useful option, in case you are very busy and do not have time for searching a number. You can just hit the speed-dialing icon and will be allowed to make a call to the speed dialing assigned recipient.  However, you can also add a photo instead of icon by following the below mentioned procedure.

Enter the picture URL

Instead of http://(mobile number)

Now upload a 40x40-pixel photo to “PhotoBucket” and use it as direct link to the image


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