Speed up Performance of Windows Vista and XP Using Comodo System Cleaner

Cleaning up temporary files, cache, history etc. is one of the ways to enhance computer performance. It is also the best way to manage system performance and security. Some clean up tools available to me is really remove unused and temporary files from the hard disk, and free up lots of valuable space.

If you do not find these tools effective enough to clean up the different temporary files, then you must use the latest clean up application named, Comodo System-Cleaner. It is one the most powerful system cleaner tools which allows users to perform many system maintenance tasks at a time.

t can best used by both home users and business users. Comodo system-cleaner is completely free application and available in 32 bit and 64bit version for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 2003 operating system.

Technically, it is the combination of different featured tools such as Disk Cleaner, Diagnostic Tool, Registry Cleaner, and Privacy Cleaner. This application will scan your computer thoroughly in order to identify invalid registry entries, duplicate entries, corrupted files etc. After then you will be prompted to take action to delete those files manually. You can easily customize this application according to your convenience such as schedule monitoring feature can be enabled to scan registry files frequently at prescribed interval.

Another feature of this application is disk cleaner which scan the entire computer in order to find out temporary files in specific drive, and prompts you to delete them form your computer to free up valuable space in hard disk. Users can enable schedule scanning of disk cleaner also in order to scan drive frequently. It inevitably enhances performance of windows XP and vista instantly.

The Comodo system-Cleaner will surely enhance over all performance of computer by deleting unnecessary and unused stuff from the computer.  Users can download this useful application from the given link below:

32 bit version

64 bit version



Key Features of Comodo System-Cleaner

  • Registry Cleaner: This feature enables you scan Windows thoroughly in order to identify corrupted and unnecessary Windows registry files and prompts you take action. It helps in repairing Windows registry corrupted files. With this feature you can easily manage your Windows registry files and enhance performance of your system.
  • Disk Cleaner: If you spend your almost maximum time in browsing and surfing then it is quite obvious that lots of internet files, history, cache, duplicate files, and archives will be stored in your computer hard disk. This feature helps you remove these unused files to free up hard disk specie.
  • Privacy Cleaner: Sometimes your web browser stores some private files and information in order to load page instantly. It is not safe to store private information therefore this utility allows you to delete that private and confidential cache files.  The “File wiper” tool of this utility delete that files permanently so no one can ever recover that files again.
  • System Settings: You can improve performance of your Windows Vista easily by optimizing different section of Windows with help of this tool. You can customize your Windows using “System Settings” feature of this utility.
  • System Information: You can easily scan all installed hardware and software on your system easily with help of this utility. Fast and quick access to these details can be helpful in order to upgrade software and hardware to speed up computer performance.
  • File Checksum Calculator: It enables users to easily access hash value of the system and compare it with genuine files in order to verify and check file’s integrity. If value matches then you will be confirmed that file is original and not corrupted or duplicate.



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