Speed up Your PC Startup with the Startup Delayer

All of us know the irritating wait before our PC boots up properly, so that we can start off with our work. Even after the desktop screen is visible, the PC takes some time before it becomes functional. This is because it has to load all of the startup programs that are on the startup list – antiviruses, schedulers, download accelerators, instant messengers, and the rest. One obvious way is to prevent this is to minimize the number of programs that are loaded at startup.

However, even after doing so, the computer might take a long time to boot. This is because it tries to load all of the startup programs simultaneously, and this makes it slow. The recently released Startup Delayer v2.3.127 is an ingenuous tool that finds a great workaround to this problem. It simply allows you to specify the order in which the startup programs are going to be loaded. This has the amazing result of speeding up the machine’s boot time greatly.

The Startup Delayer has a simple and easy-to-use interface that lets you set a customized delay time for every application in the Windows startup list. You have to specify the time, in seconds, after which a particular program is going to be loaded. The startup programs’ list displayed in the interface in front of you makes it very easy to visualize the order in which the startup programs are being loaded and alter it as per your wish – along with the delay associated with each program.

You can download this fantastic tool from this link.


  1. Great Article,

    I find that the best way to speed up a computer is by defragmenting it.

    You can use the Windows Defrag Tool that can speed up your computer by miles, I recently ran it on my five year old Windows XP Machine and now it flys!

    Saves you money as you don’t have to buy a new computer.


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