Speed Up Your Firefox Browser

The Firefox browser takes much longer to launch the first time after a computer start up as compared to other browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Other web browsers take just a second to launch whereas Firefox takes up to 20 seconds. This can be extremely irritating for the user. In this fast paced world, no one loves to wait.

Some of the advantages of Firefox make you use this browser. The disadvantage of”waiting time to launch” can be removed by the following tricks.

  • Choose the Properties tab after right clicking on the Firefox shortcut icon.
  • Click on the Target field, it will display the full path of the executable file of Firefox.
  • Add the code /prefetch:1 at the rear end of the given address, but with a space blank.
  • The new path will look like : C:\ProgramFiles\MozillaFirefox\firefox.exe /prefetch:1
  • In order to save the settings, click OK.

After completing the above mentioned steps, you would like to test whether it actually works or not. Just restart or reboot your computer and then launch the Firefox browser after the computer has restarted. It is noticeable that the time taken now to launch the browser is lesser than that taken before the execution of these above given steps.

The above mentioned trick surely works and will help you use four favorite browsers in a better and efficient way. The best part is that in just a few steps you can get the best out of your favorite browser and make it even better than the other browsers available.


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