Speed Up Your System’s Boot Up Process

It feels extremely irritating and annoying when your system takes ages to start or shut down. The process of booting gets slower and slower with every added application or program into your system. Users always want their systems to start up quickly and even shut down at a faster rate. Slowing down of machines is just because of the extra load added into it.

The Windows Server 08, Windows Vista and Windows 7 already have in – built mechanism that helps make the boot up procedure faster. This is done by increasing the processors usage to a maximum level. Speeding up the starting time of your system or decreasing the booting time of your machine can be achieved by various processes.


Startup Manager is one such process and it is considered to be a third party program. This program manages programs that run automatically and thus help improving the boot up process. Users having OS like Windows Vista or Windows 7 use quad core, dual core or multi core processors. Better boot up performance can be achieved by the following way:

  • Press the Win + R keys to open the “Run” dialog box
  • Type the keyword MSConfig in the text box and press enter key
  • Go to the Boot tab
  • For systems having multiple OS, select the OS you want to implement the changes into
  • Then click on the button tagged as Advanced Options
  • A check box tagged as Number of Processors needs to be ticked and then a drop down list appears. Select the maximum number from the list available
  • To exit the System Configuration, clink the OK tab twice
  • Restart your computer

After successfully completing the above mentioned steps, the OS will utilize all of the available processors to run your systems boot up process. Thus your system boots up faster and gives you a reason to be happy.


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