Desk-Hedron, The Optimiser Launched To Render 3D Desktops On Common PC’s

Generally watching the same desktop most of us would be bored, great news for all as “Desk-Hedron” is been launched which is one unique tool utilized to sum up various 3D Desktops on Computer’s.

Now, there is no need for the same desktop to be seen on your PC’s every day. As one can customise their desktop and change the desktops “to and fro” like screen savers just with the use of an arrow key or mouse click.

Till date this was expected on Linux operating system as it renders 3D Desktop as default. Now, this can also be seen on windows operating system through Desk-Hedron tool.

Steps to follow in order to get the Desk-Hedron Installed on Your Computer’s

  • You need to have Win2000Ver or later Versions of Operating System.
  • And you need to utilize 3rd party applications to enhance your PC desktop as Windows-OS doesn’t support 3D feature.

You can configure many desktop settings on your PC. And it is easy to flick around with desktops “to and fro” while working, just scroll the mouse wheel and you will switch to another desktop with different home page on it.

Simple Steps to be followed for Installation of Desk-Hedron are:

  • Browse and Download the Desk-Hedron on Your PC.
  • Then install it and Press the Ctrl+Shift+Z key’s on your key board to view the 3D Appearance
  • In order to switch to desktops simply use arrow keys or mouse wheel.

For further help on installation go through the user’s installation manual.

[Download Desk-Hedron]


  1. MSI has made announcements officially about its first 3D all in one system- AE2420. This PC features a 23.6 inch LED backlit 1080 p resolution. Its refreshing rate is amazing with 120Hz. This gives the PC the ability to handle 3D viewing without flickering.


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